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Technical support

One of the primary objectives of CFS Telecomunicaciones and the aspect under which the company seeks to position itself is to be recognized in the market as "experts in telecommunications". For this we focus on providing an integral and efficient "after-sales" service.

Our staff:

The key part of the "service" in the companies in this area is the quality of the Technical Support that is provided, both for the installation stage and for the post-commissioning phase of a project. We know that the "quality" of Technical Support depends greatly on the specialization of the personnel that works in this department. That is why our engineers are selected under the strictest magnifying glass, trained and certified in all of our products.


The experience and knowledge of the CFS Technical Support personnel is not limited to the equipment provided by the company, they always try to detect the reason for any failure, and seek to integrate with the client in the installation, configuration and resolution of problems so they can make the most of all the benefits and advantages of the product they acquired.

Response Time:

The company not only offers excellent response times for fault management for both the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas and the interior of the country (Presence in Caracas, Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, San Cristobal, Merida, Barinas, Barcelona, ​​Puerto Ordaz and Porlamar), but also guarantees the effectiveness of the response.


These times may vary depending on the urgency, availability and access of the case, offering a more immediate solution. Compliance with the established fees is supported by the service contract with the customer.

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