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INRED Network Management

In order to provide personalized, effective and comprehensive attention to our customers, since 2001, CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática has made available the INRED support and monitoring system.


INRED consists of a helpdesk and a NOC (Network Operation Center) from which a first level technical support service is provided 365 days a year, complemented by a powerful monitoring and management system that allows us to configure, manage, control and report problems of our customers' network products.


Likewise, customers can access the system through a browser via the Internet or intranet using a specific web address assigned. This way they can see the complete status of their network in real time, detect faults immediately, improve response times, configure any of the equipment connected to their network, among other advantages.


With this, what we want to offer the client is greater peace of mind and a faster and more effective technical support service: with the constant monitoring of your network we can detect faults and problems instantly, solving them directly from our operations center or sending specialized personnel to site.


"We will detect, diagnose and resolve your next network problem before it starts to affect you."

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