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Engineering and Consulting


Supported by the vast experience accumulated over the years and its highly trained staff, CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática offers its clients, national and international, advisory services, detailed engineering development and project implementation in areas such as:


1. Radio link systems Point to Point and Multipoint.

 2. Design and installation of telecommunication towers.

 3. Wireless WiFi networks.

 4. Design, deployment and/or optimization of LAN and WAN networks.

 5. Configuration of routers and network switches.

 6. Management of various communication protocols (legacy environments with IP protocol, voice and data transmission, control systems).

 7. Design, deployment and/or optimization of data security systems.

 8. Network Management Systems.

 9. Access and perimeter control systems. IP CCTV systems, Infrastructure security systems integration.

 10. Determination of energy quality for data centers and sizing of backup systems.

 11. Quality measurement of grounding systems. Design of optimal grounding systems.

 12. Determination of quality of ventilation systems in Control and Data Centers. Sizing of ventilation systems for Control and Data Centers.


Among many other services we can offer.


Our offices are located in the city of Caracas from where we serve the National market and the countries of South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.


 "CFS Telecomunicaciones y Informática's policy has always been to integrate with the client to the maximum, which has allowed it not only to provide entirely technical solutions, but also to understand their needs from the point of view of the business."

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