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Founded in 1991, Sonicwall designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and services for internet Security used by companies of all types and dimensions; albeit to protect their networks or to guarantee secure remote access to the same. In offering products as well as services, Sonicwall is capable of providing an integrated solution to everything related to network security.


Sonicwall solutions have been deployed in different types of markets that range from SOHO to large corporations and internet access providers that need sophisticated security mechanisms and VPN connectivity.


The superior quality of the the Sonicwall products has been acknowledged by important organizations and telecommunications publications such as: ChannelPro Network, CyberSecurity, CRN,  SC Magazine,  InfoSecurity Products Guide, Network Products Guide, Security Magazine, Interop,  Redmond Magazine and NSS Labs for their high performance, user friendliness, product quality and manageability.


CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is the authorized and certified distributor in Venezuela for Sonicwall products since 2002.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Sonicwall you may contact us or visit their website:

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