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Cambium Networks is a global leader supplier of Wireless broadband solutions with an extensive portfolio of products that range from Wifi units, Point-to-Point links (PtP) and Point-Multipoint (PMP) platforms on licensed and non licensed frequency bands, totally manageable permitting service providers, companies, government entities and military agencies, oil companies, distributors of water or electric energy and civilian security networks, construction of powerful communication networks ranging in distance of up to 200km.

Initially they were part of Motorola solutions in their wideband wireless access division. Cambium Networks has been an independent company since 2011.

It became known through its stellar product “Canopy” which characterizes itself as the wide-band wireless product (WMAN) that’s the most flexible user-friendly and robust in the market.

The Canopy product line has differentiated itself from others that possess the same orientation because besides providing wide bandwidth service, it possesses low latency and controlled transmission which makes it ideal for media access in multimedia services such as VoIP and video.

Other important Canopy characteristics is its low power consumption, easy installation, high immunity against interference and friendly configuration. These are some of the reasons why Canopy has become incredibly popular as a medium of providing wideband access services.

The Cambium Networks products have evolved and their product line has grown to advanced Point-Multipoint (PMP) and Point to Point (PTP) access of high capacity and excellent performance.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is a certified distributor of Cambium Networks since 2002. Since then many systems have been installed that cover extensive regions in metropolitan as well as rural areas.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Cambium Networks you may contact us or visit their website:


Vanguard Networks offers a complete line of Multiservice access devices and IP routers to service providers and companies.

Founded in 1962 as Codex Corporation, it was acquired by Motorola in 1977. It then joined with Universal Data Systems (UDS) in 1994 which also belonged to Motorola. The new company was formed, Motorola Information Systems Group (ISG).

Motorola ISG developed its new product line of Vanguard products, which continues to evolve today.

Since 2001 it operates as an independent company, first as Vanguard Management Solutions and presently as Vanguard Networks.

Vanguard’s Multiservice units are characterized by their great flexibility permitting transmission of any type of protocol be it legacy (SNA, BSC, Async polling, X.25 etc), multimedia or IP over any transporting network in a reliable and secure manner.

Due to its great flexibility, Vanguard units have been used in the most diverse market environments such as banking and finance, insurance companies, telecommunications service suppliers, lotteries, industries and commerce, generating significant savings in the administration of their networks.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is the authorized and certified distributor for Venezuela for the Vanguard Networks product line since 1989 and has implemented its solutions in thousands of locations nationally and internationally.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Vanguard Networks you may contact us or visit their website:

Korenix Technology is a company from the Beijer Group with its headquarters in Taiwan that develops communications products mainly for the industrial environment:

  •                LAN Switches: to assemble or install them in a DIN rail, manageable or not.

  •                LAN Switches PoE: for racks and installable in a DIN rail.

  •                Interfaces for SFP/SFP+ ports.

  •                Industrial wireless solutions such as WiFi Access Points, WLAN Controllers.

  •                Industrial Ethernet or Serial multimedia converters.

  •                Industrial serial computers and servers.

  •                Management software: Korenix NMS.


Their products are usually used in SAMRT industries: Surveillance, Automation, Machine to Machine interaction, Remote monitoring and transportation.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática distributes Korenix products in Venezuela since 2009. Since then it has installed their products as integral part of its solutions for video surveillance and Wireless network systems.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Korenix Systems you may contact us or visit their website:


Patton Electronics was founded in 1984 as a Company oriented to the manufacturing of modems and connectivity products for the telecommunications industry. After many successful years, Patton has expanded reaching an immense product line of over 300 different items from interface converters, short range modems, CPE and concentrators xDSL, IP routers, network extenders, TDM multiplexor concentrators, remote access servers and Gateways for VoIP.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is a Patton Electronics distributor since 1990. Since then it has supplied and installed a large variety of its products to diverse clients nationally.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Patton Electronics you may contact us or visit their website:


Founded in California in 1992, Omnitron System Technology (OST) designs and manufactures media converter and fiber optic access units as solutions for the commercial sector, service providers and applications for the industrial environment.

Their products Support 10/100/1000 interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, T3/E3, OC-3, OC-12, RS-232/422/485, AS/400 and Token Ring.

One of the most relevant features of OST is their product (lifetime) warranty policy and their (free 7x24) Technical Support.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is a distributor of OST since January, 2006

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Omnitron System Technology you may contact us or visit their website:

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