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Indigovision was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in The United Kingdom. Indigovision provides video and alarm management solutions, which have been implemented in thousands of installations worldwide. Its development focus are video IP security systems on a large scale which have already been deployed and installed in railroads, roads, prisons, ports, schools, banks, stadiums, companies, municipalities and airports worldwide.

The solutions are based through network access and provides the migration from old and obsolete CCTV systems to integrated and sophisticated systems that facilitates the operation with no importance as to the geographical site you choose to survey.

Likewise, Indigovision’s solutions facilitate the integration of 3rd party solutions and the administration of the whole system optimizing the storage, search of images and alarms in a fast, efficient and secure form.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is a distributor of Indigovision in Venezuela since 2006. Since then it has sold and installed its solutions and products in an integrated manner to diverse clients nationally and internationally.

If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Indigovision you may contact us or visit their website:

Gallagher Security Systems is a division of the Gallagher Group, one of the global leaders in innovation, manufacturing, security systems markets, animal management and distribution and sale of fuel.

Founded in New Zealand in 1938, the Gallagher Group is a privately owned Company with direct employment of over 1100 people with presence in over 160 countries.

Gallagher Security Systems develops, manufactures and sales security systems that range from access control to perimeter protection that permit additional solutions such as: Human Resources Management (attendance control, skills management, fatigue control), Visitors Control, Air Conditioning Systems Control, Fire Detection Panels, Elevators Systems and Integration with CCTV systems, from third party solutions for perimeter protection among others.

All this is possible thanks to Gallagher’s Command Centre which is the heart of the whole solution being a very robust platform but at the same time extremely flexible allowing its scalability and integration. By basing its communication on IP protocol, it allows the solution to be replicated in branches or other remote locations belonging to a corporation.

CFS Telecomunicaciones e Informática is a certified Gallagher distributor since 2012.


If you wish to have more information of the products and services of Gallagher you may contact us or visit their website:

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